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EVONOMY Group is a world leader in Technical & Commercial services focused in Electrification, Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity, and Software.

Within the group are two core brands:


The Evonomy Brand offers Technical Services to help accelerate OEM & Tier-1 Engineering cycles, saving Time & Cost. 


The REPfirm Brand offers Commercial Services to help suppliers reach their target customers thru Sales & Business Development efforts.  

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EVONOMY Group previously operated under independent consulting efforts dating back to 2011, with roots in:

  • Electrification - BEV, PHEV, MHEV Architectures

  • Autonomous Technologies - ADAS Systems & Software

  • Connectivity - Infotainment, Telematics, Gateways, Ethernet

These independent efforts merged in 2021 to form EVONOMY Group.


EVONOMY Group is a Private Corporation headquartered in Michigan, USA.

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Evonomy Brand Overview

The Evonomy Brand provides OEMs & Tier-1s services which leverage our Ecosystem supported by 500+ suppliers, enabling customers to rapidly accelerate their Engineering cycles and save Time & Cost.


These services include:

  • E/E Architecture Strategy (EAS)

  • Functional & Performance Specification (FPS)

  • Component Selection Recommendation (CSR)

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REPfirm Brand Overview

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The REPfirm Brand is the premier Sales & Business Development team operating in North America. 

Our key differences:

  1. Exposure - We work with 100+ OEMs & 35+ Tier-1s 

  2. Focused Line Cards - Electrification, Autonomous, Connectivity, Software

  3. Flexible Coverage Model - Hire us where you need us

  4. Commission Driven - We win when you win

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