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EVONOMY Group is a world leader in Technical & Commercial services focused in Electrification, Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity, and Software.

Within the group are two core brands:


The EVONOMY Brand centers around our secure Repository and the Component Selection Recommendation (CSR) service which OEMs & Tier-1s rely on for obtaining independent and impartial assessments of supplier technology that best meets their needs.


The REPfirm Brand offers Technical Sales & Business Development services, utilizing the relationships which EVONOMY Group has developed with customers for all services.

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 EVONOMY Group previously operated under independent consulting efforts dating back to 2011, with roots in:

  • Vehicle & System Architecture Design

  • Artificial Intelligence & ADAS Technologies

  • Connected Car / Vehicle Technologies

  • Electrified Propulsion Technologies


These independent efforts merged in 2021 to form EVONOMY Group. 

EVONOMY Brand Overview

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The EVONOMY Brand leverages the secure Repository in nearly all services offered, creating an ecosystem of rapid data exchange between companies which accelerates design and sales cycles.  These services include:

  • Component Selection Recommendation (CSR)

  • Functional & Performance Specification (FPS)

  • E/E Architecture Strategy (EAS)

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The industries which EVONOMY supports experience rapid flux in functional, performance, and timing requirements which creates challenges for identifying solutions which align. EVONOMY works with all levels of the supply chain to bring companies together so there is never a missed opportunity. 

The EVONOMY Brand Business Model

OEM / Tier-1 Engagement Model:

  1. Party establishes NDA with EVONOMY Brand

  2. Master Service Agreement (MSA) specifies services which Party wishes to engage (e.g. CSR, FPS, EAS)

  3. Agreement is processed and Party begins sending projects to EVONOMY

Software Stacks

Example ProjectLiDAR Component Selection Recommendation (CSR)

  1. OEM specifies LiDAR Technical & Commercial Requirements to EVONOMY

  2. EVONOMY works with over 70+ LiDAR suppliers, with information hosted in the secure Repository

  3. EVONOMY will perform an independent, impartial assessment comparing OEM requirements vs. supplier information and provide the OEM a report showing suppliers which will best their needs

Provide Report to OEM showing:
  1. Comparison of OEM requirements vs. Supplier offerings
  2. Assessment of supplier marketed advantages vs. competition and gauging genuine uniqueness
  3. Provide independent, impartial recommendation

Supplier Engagement Model:

  1. Supplier establishes NDA with EVONOMY Brand

  2. Master Service Agreement (MSA) specifies services which Party wishes to engage (e.g., CSR)

  3. Agreement is processed and Supplier begins sending product documentation to EVONOMY

  4. Suppliers will have their solutions independently assessed for all eligible RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, and Architecture projects which EVONOMY receives from OEMs & Tier-1s

  5. Suppliers will receive Quarterly Feedback Reports (QFRs) summarizing aggregate RFX requirements from OEMs for subscribed industry segments

Suppliers Provide:
  1. Datasheets 
  2. Product Briefs
  3. Roadmaps
  4. Quality Certifications
  5. Corporate Overviews
Data Processed into Secure Repository
Supplier solutions are evaluated for all eligible RFIs / RFQs / RFPs
Cost Model:​
  • The EVONOMY Brand offers several different service plan offerings, depending on the service offered.
    • CSR - Offered in Annual, Monthly, and Singular (project-based) plans. 
    • FPS - Offered in Singular (project-based) plans. 
    • EAS - Offered in Singular (project-based) plans.
    • Commercial Services - Offered in Annual, Monthly, and Singular (project-based) plans.
Other FeesNone
  • There are no other fees besides the flat-rate service plan subscriptions.
  • The EVONOMY Brand receives no commissions or "success fees".
  • The EVONOMY Brand is not a sales representative firm.
    • See REPfirm (a separate Brand) for manufacturer's representative services.
  • The EVONOMY Brand is not party to the sale of solutions. 

REPfirm Brand


By working with over 125+ OEMs, 40+ Tier-1s, and 450+ suppliers in the areas of AI, Connectivity, Electrification, & Software, EVONOMY Group has developed a team of in-house Technical Sales & Development personnel which have customer relationships and technical know-how to help suppliers achieve their business goals.

Known as REPfirm, this Brand is the premier manufacturer's representative firm for suppliers offering solutions in the areas of:

  • ADAS Technology:   

    • Sensors - LiDAR, Radar, Cameras

    • Artificial Intelligence SoCs

  • Connected Car:

    • Cellular & GNSS Modules and Discrete Semiconductors

    • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Modules and Discrete Semiconductors

    • Infotainment, Telematics, and Body / Gateway SoCs

  • Electrification:

    • DC-DC Converters

    • Inverters

    • DC-Motors

  • Software Solutions:

    • Simulation Suites - CAE, FEA, Manufacturing​

    • Software Stacks - ADAS / AV, DMS, Ethernet

  • Other expertise available in-house


REPfirm provides best-in-class Technical Sales & Business Development services specializing in the Automotive, Aviation, and Heavy Duty industries.

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