Wavy Abstract Background


EVONOMY is a world leader in Technical & Commercial services focused in Electrification, Artificial Intelligence, and Connectivity. Previously operating under independent consulting efforts dating back to 2011, the efforts merged in 2021 to form EVONOMY and provide best-in-class service utilizing the secure Repository as a central hub of information.


EVONOMY leverages the Repository in nearly all services offered, creating an ecosystem of rapid data exchange between companies which accelerates design and sales cycles.  

The industries which EVONOMY supports experience rapid flux in functional, performance, and timing requirements which creates challenges for identifying solutions which align. EVONOMY works with all levels of the supply chain to bring companies together so there is never a missed opportunity. 


  1. EVONOMY begins relationships formally via NDA, where business needs & technical requirements can more easily be discussed. 

  2. Customers can select one of the many services offered from EVONOMY, for example - Component Selection Recommendation (CSR):

Process Overview:​
  1. EVONOMY establishes NDA with customers (OEM / Tier-1)
  2. EVONOMY works with customers to receive / define requirements
  3. EVONOMY identifies solutions from eligible vendors under NDA 
  4. EVONOMY confirms with customers if they have an NDA relationship with recommended vendor(s)
  5. With NDAs in place, EVONOMY provides solution recommendations and can broker introductions between customers and vendors
How we're compensated:
  • EVONOMY offers singular, monthly, and annual service plans depending on the desired service. All service plans are flat-rate and not commission-based. 
  • EVONOMY is not a sales representative firm. We are not party to the sale of parts or components and will not receive commissions. In cases of Component Selection Recommendation (CSR), we make objective professional recommendations based on components which satisfy customer needs and are compensated on a flat-rate basis.